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Why use a packaging specialist?

When looking for a packaging designer many people will simply contact a 'Graphic Designer' or a general 'Design Agency', but are they really the right people for the job?


These days you'll find that most 'Graphic Designers' train and earn their living designing either for the web or for general print (business cards, brochures etc.). This is fine if you want a brochure or a website, but if you're looking for product branding and packaging they may lack the specialist skills and experience for the job.

• Are they familiar with setting up artwork in the correct      

  format for various different packaging materials  (plastic

  film bags, cardboard sleeves, adhesive labels etc.)?


• Do they have the knowledge and software to create

  reliable industry standard retail barcodes?


• Do they fully understand flexographic print  and the

  Pantone  colour system, both predominantly used in the

  packaging industry?


• Are they aware of Trading Standards  guidelines regarding

   font sizes and specific information which must be clearly

   visible on packaging by law?


• Do they use the packaging industry standard Adobe

   Illustrator  artwork format?


• Are they able to advise you

   on suitable  packaging printers

   for your specific requirements?

Avoid costly mistakes by always asking yourself these key questions when selecting a packaging designer      >>>